How to Calculate Portion Size, Calories and Costs to Cover Protein Needs

My previous post highlighted the importance of protein and demonstrated that each protein source has different protein content, calories and costs. It can be challenging sometimes to ensure you meet your desired protein amount in a meal when trying to stay on a budget too. A serving size on the nutrition fact label may not equal the amount of protein you want.

This is why I created this simple calculator to make cooking easy. By providing some data points, it calculates the following:

  • Correct portion size to meet your desired protein amount
  • The total calories of the portion
  • The costs of the portion

This calculator focuses on your main protein source. It does not consider additional costs, calories or protein content from any sides. Yet, it helps for meal planning by comparing different options.

Just make sure to enter any weights using the same measuring units for all fields (e.g. grams, oz etc). That makes it easy next time you plan your meal or go shopping!

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