Weight Loss Plateau? Find out Why (Free Cheat Sheet)

You are working out, eating healthy, but you do not see any changes in your weight? Or even worse, the weight seems to just creep up? A weight loss journey doesn’t always go as planned or as you wish. You think this all doesn’t make sense, but usually there is something which isn’t quite right. So often we found ourselves thinking we are doing all the right things. But actually, our habits often drift over time unnoticeable. This can lead to overlooking some key fundamentals which are key for success.

To help you find the culprit, I created this simple checklist of questions. I myself use it from time to time to check if I am still on track. It is important to be 100% true to yourself. I also recommend to complete this checklist daily for a week or two to better understand if you are truly consistent. Note, this checklist is based on my opinion and experience and should not be used as professional advice. Consistency is key, now let’s see how well we do:

  • Do I stick to my core meals and hit my calorie, protein, veggie and carb targets?
    • I ate sufficient protein with every meal ( about 1g per pound bodyweight)?
    • Half of my plate was always filled with veggies?
    • I had some carbs or starchy veggies in moderation (about one quarter of my plate)?
    • I did not have any tastes, bites, licks in between which weren’t accounted for?
    • I consumed less calories than my expenditure?
    • I stick to my healthy eating habits also on the weekends?
    • I did not overindulge on the weekend and stayed with in my target calories?
    • I drink at least 1 Gallon of water (or drinks without calories or sweetener)?
  • I moved throughout the day?
    • I achieved 10000-15000 steps?
    • I always parked my car the furthest away from the store?
    • I always used the stairs instead of the elevator?
    • I went for a short walk in the morning?
    • I went for a short walk after each meal?
  • I followed my exercise routine as planned?
    • My strength training is strenuous?
    • I complete 2-4 strength training sessions per week?
    • I do some HIIT in moderation (max 1-2x/per week)?
    • I do some steady state cardio in moderation (max 1-2x/per week)?
  • My overall workout and nutrition are in balance?
    • I sleep at least 7hours?
    • I have at least one (active) rest day/ week?
    • I do not compensate food intake with exercise?

Feel free to download this free Healthy Habit Tracker to analyze your consistency throughout the week:

Now that you completed the checklist, look at those items you answered “No”. Simply adjust your habits and get back on track and re-assess. In majority of all cases, the culprit is within one of these fundamentals.

If you corrected your habits and can answer all questions with “yes” for multiple weeks in a row, you should see the changes on the scale. If no weight loss is achieved, I strongly recommend tracking your food intake (Everything!), exercise routine and sleep schedule. Documenting these over a couple of weeks may help you to identify and discover inconsistencies. Any documented habits are also very helpful when seeking additional advice from a dietitian. After all, you may want to reach out to a doctor to rule out any health issues.

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