Best Ab Workout to Build a Six Pack (Do These 4 Moves)

Is 30 too late to get six packs abs? What ab workout actually build a six pack? Well, it depends, but age is not necessarily the limiting factor. Although I did ab workouts half my life, I did not see any abs until my mid 30s actually. It was not until I changed my nutrition when “some” kind of abs became visible.

However, there are also some fundamental exercises I am now doing, which I did not do in the past – or at least not intentionally. I couldn’t summarize it any better than my favorite trainer Jeff Cavaliere, did in this video:

Since I started to follow the concept he explained, I was able to develop strong abdominal muscles. I train the abs for about 5-8 Minutes at the end of every workout, targeting 4-6 times a week. Key is to perform high quality reps by focusing on proper contraction of the muscles rather than rushing through the reps. It’s not just about moving your body or limbs up and down, you got to really target these core muscles.

To keep the ab workout interesting and to ensure I incorporate all abdominal muscles in the right sequence, I use the 6 Pack Promise – Ultimate Abs app from ATHLEANX.COM (Available for Android and IOS). I highly recommend this app to anyone as it can be scaled to your fitness level.

In addition to the ab workout routine, I incorporate so called “stomach vacuums” or simply contracting the transversus abdominis muscles throughout the day. You can do this while driving the car, sitting the office or walking to the store. Paired with proper nutrition and overall heavy strength training, the abs finally became visible.

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