Picture showing floor to ceiling curtains

Floor to Ceiling Curtains with LED Lighting

Ceiling curtains hanging from a ceiling down to the floor not only make any room feel bigger and the ceilings higher, it also adds a luxurious, hotel-like feeling. This is what I was after when designing our bedroom. I added LED light behind the crown molding which illuminates the curtains nicely and immediately creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. This is a very easy DIY project which can be done on a budget, follow along.

The Curtain Ceiling Tracks Rails

The goal was to attach the curtains right at the ceiling behind the crown molding. In order to do so, you will need curtain track rails instead of common curtain rods. Local home improvement stores do not seem to sell these curtain ceiling tracks nor could I find them for a reasonable price online. The cheapest option I could find was on Amazon.

For just $20 I got 16.4ft of this flexible ceiling curtain track. It worked out great, but it is very hard to bend into a straight track. I was ok with it as the track will be covered by the crown molding. If you look for a cleaner look, then get the VIDGA single track rail with ceiling fittings from IKEA. It costs a little bit more but is still so much cheaper than other track systems you can find online.

In order to attach the curtain track to the ceiling, I first drilled a long strip of plywood into the studs of the ceiling. This way I did not depend on the exact location of the studs when installing the curtain tracks. In addition, I attached another wood strip in a 90 degree angle to the plywood strip at the ceiling. I could use this later to nail in the crown molding as well as attach the LED lighting. I painted the wood in the color of the ceiling. Then I installed the curtain track.

If you have to remove existing crown molding in order to install the curtain tracks, check out my previous post which shows an easy way to reshape your crown molding so that it can be reused.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

It took me quite a while and several returns to Amazon until I found the perfect curtains for our bedroom. I used curtains with 108″ in length for our 9′ high ceilings. This length is difficult to find in stores for an affordable price so had to order them online. I’m in love with these Marquee Curtain Panels in Champagne Beige from Amazon. The faux silk texture makes the bedroom look very luxurious.

Crown Molding with LED Lighting

For the LED lighting behind the crown molding, I bought an LED strip light in warm white from Amazon. I attached it on the strip board behind the crown molding and ran the power supply from the ceiling in the corner behind the curtain down to an outlet. I use it with an Alexa smart plug so that the light comes on automatically in the evening creating a warm, welcoming, luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, just like in an high-end hotel.

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