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How to Build A Recessed Wall Niche

Tight space, boring wall? No problem! With these easy recessed wall niches you can immediately add interest or add storage space out of nowhere. I wanted to add interest to our stairway wall by adding a little wall niche.

1. Cut the Hole for the Wall Niche

At first I determined the location of the wall studs with the stud finder and cut a rectangle into the drywall with a drywall knife. I measured exact dimensions of the created hole.

2. Build a Frame

I cut 3 3/4″ wide strips from 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood (whatever I still had left). The strips are used as the left, right and top panel of the frame and will be completely flush with the wall. Thus, it’s important to cut them wide enough to fill out that wall space.

For the bottom piece, I cut a wider 5″ wide board from the stair treads I had leftover from my stair makeover project. The bottom board will not be flush with the wall and will look like a window sill. I stained it to match the new wooden stairs and also applied a coat of Oil-Base Polyurethane for Floors Clear Semi-Gloss (Rust-Oleum Parks PRO Finisher).

Then I assembled all pieces like a frame with the brad nailer. To add stability, I installed a thin 1/8″ MDF panel as the backwall.

3. Install the Frame inside the Wall

When I cut the hole in step one, I made sure I started one side right next to a wall stud. This way, it was easy to attach the frame to it. The frame was narrower than the space between two studs. I added some scrap wood inside the wall to fill the gap between the frame and the next stud. This way, I could simply drill the frame into wood on both sides. I made sure I covered the screws with wood filler.

4. Mud and Paint to Finish the Wall Niche

To hide the wooden frame and make it flush with the rest of the wall, I applied some Easy Sand 45 Minute Lightweight Joint compound. Once dried, I added some knock-down texture with a sponge and a drywall knife to make sure the new recessed niche just blends into the wall. Finally, I painted the wall and frame. Ready, to display some plants, sculpture are artwork in the recessed niche.

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